Hey there and welcome to Future You, a free program from the Australian Government’s Women in STEM Ambassador, all about getting kids aged 8 to 12 interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

We want to inspire young minds to explore the amazing world of STEM and show them all the possibilities it holds.

In today’s fast-paced world, STEM education is more important than ever. So, we have created a range of free resources for teachers, parents, and kids that revolve around STEM themes to make it easy for everyone to get involved and learn about STEM in a fun and engaging way.

One thing we really pride ourselves on is how we connect real-world STEM skills with the Australian Curriculum V9.0, bridging the gap between theory and practice to show kids (and adults) how STEM is relevant to their everyday lives. It’s all about giving kids the skills they need to tackle real-world challenges and understand the world around them. How do we do this? With practical activities teachers can use in their lessons to make learning experiences socially relevant Why? Because the research shows us that this helps increase learning and interest for everyone!

Oh, and we’re passionate about diversity too! Future You makes sure to represent all kinds of people working with STEM skills and sharing their career journeys. We want kids to see that anyone, no matter their background, can have an awesome career in STEM. It’s all about inclusivity and encouraging students to explore their passions and potential within STEM.

But here’s the really fun part: We have STEM-fiction stories! These stories take kids on a journey into the future, where advancements in science and technology shape the jobs of tomorrow. It’s a way to spark their imagination and show them just how cool and exciting a STEM career can be.

Of course, parents play a big role too! Future You has a section just for parents, so they can support their kids’ STEM education. We provide information and practical tools to help parents understand STEM concepts and get involved in their children’s learning journey. It’s all about making STEM a family affair!

And finally, Future You has awesome activities to get kids excited about STEM and helping them apply what they’ve learned.

So, that’s Future You in a nutshell! We’re all about connecting real-world applications, showcasing diverse role models, sharing imaginative stories, and providing comprehensive tools. Our goal is to inspire, educate, and engage learners in the amazing world of STEM.

Future You is an initiative from the Australian Government’s Women in STEM Ambassador, funded by the Australian Government’s Department of Industry, Science and Resources. Future You is a national awareness-raising initiative designed to increase awareness about STEM careers in students aged 8 to 12, their teachers and their parents.