Meet Skye Blackburn

Louise Azzopardi, the Fixer Pathfinder, is working on some parts from a big truck which she is fixing. The truck is behind her.

Skye is an Entomologist and Food Scientist who is passionate about sustainable food processes. Ever since she was a child, Skye has been fascinated with insects and she used to explore creeks with her brothers, catching bugs and exploring her natural environment. Skye studied Entomology at University, but combined it with a degree in Food Science to increase her job prospects. Skye wants to ensure a secure food future for everyone and she believes that incorporating alternative proteins like insects, cellular-based agriculture, algae, and seaweed into our diets will be essential. Skye developed a cricket protein powder that can be seamlessly added to various foods. Skye is a dedicated advocate for sustainable and bug-based food products.

STEM Meter

How much Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) does this job use?

  • Science 73% 73%
  • Tech 55% 55%
  • Engineering 55% 55%
  • Maths 63% 63%


Harvester, core film

Find out more about Skye and her delicious food, and you might discover your own passion to become a harvester.


I can actually make a difference for my children and my grandchildren.

Skye Blackburn, food scientist

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