Meet Ajay Limaye
Visualisation Programmer

Ajay is a visualisation programmer at the National Computational Infrastructure who loves visual art and programming. During school, Ajay was interested in a career in medicine but he didn’t get the grades he needed so he studied computer science instead. After completing his Bachelor’s degree, Ajay went on to complete his Masters of Mathematics and did a Ph.D. in high-performance computing. In 1997, Ajay moved to Australia and got a job at the ANU Supercomputer Facility, now known as the NCI. Ajay’s job requires him to turn complex data into 3D visualisations. His work is crucial for helping us understand enormous datasets in fields like medicine, materials, biology, and more. His work not only aids research but also enhances communication across global teams.

STEM Meter

How much Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) does this job use?

  • Science 59% 59%
  • Tech 96% 96%
  • Engineering 75% 75%
  • Maths 71% 71%


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