Meet Meredith Lane

Louise Azzopardi, the Fixer Pathfinder, is working on some parts from a big truck which she is fixing. The truck is behind her.

Meredith is a Software Engineer who works at Google. She’s passionate about accessibility, inclusivity and the intersection of technology and the arts. Meredith works on the Chrome Accessibility team, adding support for accessibility features to the Web Platform to make sure it caters to the needs of people with disabilities. A love of the guitar and rock music sparked Meredith’s interest in music production, and she pursued music technology studies focusing on sound engineering, production, and composition. However, she discovered a passion for computer programming and decided to undertake a computer science degree and secured an internship with Google while still studying. Meredith appreciates the power of technology to connect people globally and values the importance of human connection and learning from others.

STEM Meter

How much Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) does this job use?

  • Science 59% 59%
  • Tech 96% 96%
  • Engineering 75% 75%
  • Maths 71% 71%


Connector, core film

Discover more about Meredith and her important work, and you may be inspired to pursue your own career as a connector.

The joy of life is connecting with people and learning from them.”

Meredith Lane, software engineer

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